Review Questions/Quiz
  1. K-type question:  Which of the following are potential complications of postoperative hypothermia?
    1. Delayed wound healing
    2. Patient discomfort
    3. Delayed emergence
    4. Increased cardiac irritability
  2. Single best answer:  According to the Gan article, what is appropriate management for patients in the "Very High Risk" for PONV group?
    1. Prophylaxis with a single anti-emetic agent
    2. TIVA
    3. Use of 100% oxygen
    4. Avoidance of opiates
  3. Single best answer:  What is NOT measured in the Modified Aldrete Score?
    1. Consciousness
    2. Saturation
    3. Ability to tolerate oral fluids
    4. Activity level
  4. Single best answer:  An appropriate initial dose for flumazenil is:
    1. 0.5-1 mg
    2. 1-2 mg
    3. 2-3 mg
    4. 3-4 mg
  5. K-type question: Regarding intraoperative use of low-dose Ketamine and its effects in the PACU, which are true?
    1. It may decrease postoperative pain
    2. It may decrease PONV
    3. It may adversely affect mood
    4. It may shorten PACU stay

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